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Info Page:

The Crons are a Men's Christian-Athletic Housing Group.  As a group we live together, play sports, and hold weekly bible study.  We came into existence a long time ago, back when we had to walk to class 20 miles in five feet of snow, with no shoes, up hill both ways, on broken glass streets.  As legend has it, an accident during fraternity pledge week left one pledge injured, and as a revolt against the Greek society, half of the fraternity split off and created the Crons.  The Crons letters have a distinct significance.  The sigma and phi together stand for "Signifies", and the omicron stands for nothing.  So the letters mean "Signifies Nothing".  However, some of us like the fit of "Signifies I'm A Cron" better, but to each his own.  Everything in the Cron history is pretty smooth except for one incident back in '61.  The record shows that a bag of flaming poo was put on the porch of the Cron party house as a joke.  A large inferno ensued killing two Crons mothers, destroying the house, three pool tables (nice ones), two foosball tables (crappy ones), four dart boards (condition unknown, but excellent for insurance purposes), and a poster sized picture of Marilyn Monroe whose ashes have been saved and enshrined in an urn perennially displayed above the Presidents microwave.  It has been confirmed, based on MO that the AO's placed the bag on the porch, and although it has never been proven, we are convinced that the Rho's are the real masterminds behind the incident.  If you have any other questions about the history of this incredible housing group, just head to the "contacts" section.